Productivity Hacks for the New Year – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 215



JP Moery shares his top three productivity hacks for the new year featuring advice from Andy Frisella, Kseniya Martin, and Tim Ferriss.
Hello and welcome to JP Moery’s Association Hustle Podcast. President of The Moery Company, JP’s mission is to arm today’s associations with insight and strategy to thrive in a progressively complex and competitive business landscape. Twenty-first century associations must move forward with a little bit of hustle and revenue development at their core. Here’s JP.
For today’s podcast I have three productivity hacks that I’ve received from other individuals that have helped me tremendously and I want to give them credit.
The first is the Power 5 List from Andy Frisella, who has the MFCEO Project Podcast that I learn a great deal from. By the way, you should go download some of those episodes, they’re very profane but I think very focused and very motivational. Five things that no matter what your schedule is or what you have in place or the number of meetings that you might have… What are the five things that you should do every day no matter what? And if you do all five, it’s a win. Let me give you my Power 5 as an example.

    1.  Work out.
    2.  Bible study and a 10 minute meditation. I have found meditation and Bible study so helpful to me.
    3.  Thank you notes. I write one to at least one person a day.
    4.  Twenty contacts with clients or prospects about the company or opportunities that we see and to do business together.
    5.  Tell my family that I love them.

Those are the five things that, no matter what happens and I do those five things, it’s been a good day. I also write down, in my journal, those five things. Did I finish them or not? And, if I did, that means that day was a win.
The second productivity hack is selecting a theme for 2020, or a theme for the new year. I got this from our Communications Director, Kseniya Martin. I found it to be so helpful that I’ve already developed my theme for 2020 and I’ll tell you about it in a few moments. But first I want to give you a little context on what this all means. Pick one word that will be your theme, your North Star, or a specific focus for the year or a select time frame ahead. The word, or theme, can be focus, motivate, sober, prey, health, action, lead, etc. One-word themes that will become the filter and stay at the top of your mind and dictate your activity, your program, your priorities, your action. And it will from year to year.
As an example, my focus is on business.
Over the last ten years I’ve spent much of my time in the business: selling, doing client work, working on things inside of the business instead of on the business. And now, as The Moery Company goes into its next decade, it’s really important for me to work on the business. That means working at our pricing structure, looking at new services, considering collaboration or partnerships, or buying new companies, dropping or renewing new clients, communicating the culture to our team, making sure that we have the right people on the bus and in the right seats. Much of my focus in 2020 is going to be on business. Now, that doesn’t mean that I won’t still be doing some of this client work or I won’t be doing some proposals or working with my colleague Mike Thomas on some of those things. But be clear, the theme is on business in 2020, at least for JP Moery. So, what’s your theme? Make it an action word if possible.
The third, and final item, is conducting a calendar audit. I received this from Tim Ferriss from his Tools of Titan’s book. First, look at your calendar for the entire previous year to conduct an audit of the things that you spent most of your time on. For me it’s very easy because my colleague Amanda McMahon and I work on my calendar, and frankly, every minute of the day is allocated to something. So then, what you’ll do grab a piece of paper and list on one side all of the positive things that you’ve scheduled and that you like doing, things that give you energy. And then, on the other side, lists negative things that sap your energy, people that you don’t want to meet, activities that you don’t want to do. For the positive: I love doing podcasts, thank goodness. I love videos. I want to double down on providing you content and insights and reflections about what I see happening out there that might be helpful to you.  So that’s a positive, I love doing that! We’re going to put out more content than ever before in 2020. One-on-one meetings with my team for 30 minutes on their job, and their growth, and challenges that they may be having that I can help with. Conversations with my advisory board. Oh my goodness, if you haven’t looked at The Moery Company advisory board, we’ve got some of the best people in the country in terms of business and nonprofit excellence and I probably don’t talk to them enough. But when I do, I certainly enjoy it so I need to have more of that structured into my calendar. And then, I still love doing sales calls. I want to schedule some time to make sure that I’m reaching out to the association marketplace and talking to them about opportunities to do work together. On the negative side, I love working with people and I love interacting with them but after hour receptions and activities that don’t have a specific focus or don’t turn into extended conversations or things that are going to have to go. Frankly, some of the project work that I’ve been involved in needs to be secondary or not even be included at all. The fact of the matter is, I’ve intentionally hired some of the best people in the association space to do the project work and to perform for clients. I need to let them do that and stay out of it.
Once I have identified the positive and the negative things in my calendar, Amanda and I are proactively schedule in advance for the entire year of 2020 allocated time for all those positive things that I get energy from and are moving the ball and we’re getting return on investment on. And we’re eliminating, or being very diligent about, whether some of these negative items show up on my calendar at all.
That’s how I’m trying to develop my productivity.
The Power Five list from Andy Frisella, theme for 2020 advice from Kseniya Martin, and the Calendar Audit provided by Tim Ferriss in his book Tools of Titans.
Hey folks, hope these are helpful to you. Can’t wait till next time. Thanks for listening in. Bye-bye.
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