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Qualities and skills that organizations should be looking for in potential talent to create an adaptable and dynamic team.
Hello and welcome to JP Moery’s Association Hustle Podcast. President of The Moery Company, JP’s mission is to arm today’s associations with insight and strategy to thrive and a progressively complex and competitive business landscape. 21st century associations must move forward with a little bit of hustle and revenue development at their core.
Here’s JP.
Things to leverage in the New Year
First of all, I’ve got to stay closer to the customer because the inertia of being in an organization in Washington DC isn’t happening right now. We’re not going into town to do a meeting, have a business event, or have a networking reception. It’s a much different way of staying connected such as Zoom calls or even a text. It might be just a phone call to say, “hey, I noticed these changes you’ve made on your website, and I think they’re great. Keep up the fantastic work.” I’m also very aware that there is more content being produced just to keep up because of the unbelievable amount of information that’s being made available for everybody.
The Importance of LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the most important business network right now. I’ve got to make sure that I’m doubling down on my posting, thought leadership, and engaging people through the platform. How do I know it’s the most important? Marketers are ruining the platform. People are spamming me on it now so that must mean that it works.
Storytelling needs to be a real component of connecting with potential customers. There is a skill around storytelling and humanizing the value proposition that you might be able to offer someone else. Give little examples of about how you benefited by using a product or service, and convey that to prospects. This helps us connect and humanize. It also makes pretty authentic thought leadership.
Learning and Action
In the last six months, I learned how to run Facebook ads and edit a podcast. Also, I’m using the phone better to sell our services, because I’m acting and learning. I’m texting prospects and keeping in touch with them. I’m adapting and I’m changing so I can be better at the job. Because things are happening so quickly, I can’t do it the way that I used to, or we’d be out of business.
Talent Trends
I have learned that the best people rise to the top. They are demonstrating new different skills than they had before and maybe even skills and qualities they had no idea that existed within them. My top salesperson talked to me about this a couple days ago. You know, I’m looking at her numbers, and I go, “how are you hitting these numbers in the environment that we’re in, and frankly, the rest of our team wasn’t able to?” And it can’t all be about having good accounts because every account had its challenges in this unique time that we’re in. My top salesperson talked about the ways she adapted. One key was a positive attitude, no matter what. I asked her, “why?” and she goes, “what’s the choice that I have?” If you let something bring you down, you don’t know how long you’re going to be in it. The second thing: she became very comfortable with change. And she had been very uncomfortable with change before. She usually stayed in her lane and was a great performer. But she said she had to change and adapt from in-person to virtual events and understand how to explain them.
Multi-discipline staffs are going to be very important. Over the last decade we have been through an era of specialization. Before, people  developed deep skills in certain areas. Now we have a convergence of so many vertical activities in our organizations, that they’re all integrated. Events are digital, which requires tech, event planning, content management, and marketing. All of these talents are necessary. Is your 25 year meeting planner that’s been ordering coffee and danishes in a hotel able to change into this environment? Or are they not relevant anymore. So here are my recommendations: it’s time for you to deploy an entire team of multi-discipline and jack-of-all trades employees. The skills or the qualities I’m looking for are these: digital, social media, fast, independent, entrepreneurial collaboration skills, energetic, and self motivated. Notice I did not say experienced. I’m going to make bets on some of these new skills over experience because things are moving so quickly in uncharted waters, that I need the flexibility, the nimble, the fast, and the energetic. And people that can manage themselves.
What kind of leaders do we need?
With many organizations making statements lately, make sure you are taking action to support your statement. Make decisions, be more certain, and communicate well.We may have skills and qualities that we didn’t know about before. We just have to try with a positive attitude. Get out of your comfort zone and be willing to change, and do it from a different office than we’ve ever been used to.
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