What’s Your Superpower? – Association Hustle Podcast 274 (8m 54s)



What gets you out of bed in the morning and makes you great at what you do? You have the ability to make an organization great.
Hello and welcome to JP Moery’s Association Hustle Podcast. President of The Moery Company, JP’s mission is to arm today’s associations with insight and strategy to thrive and a progressively complex and competitive business landscape. 21st century associations must move forward with a little bit of hustle and revenue development at their core.
Here’s JP.
I asked each member of my team, “what’s the characteristic that makes you successful?” I found these things are also the components of a great company.
#1: Persistence and tenacity. It takes seven to ten times to really get the attention of a prospect, and the fact of the matter is, most people quit after two or three.
#2: Helping others.
#3: Attention to detail. It’s really standard language for almost every job description you see out there, but have you really seen it in action?  The lack of attention to detail causes mistakes, unclear messages, poor data, all the things that are keeping us from optimizing our work and keeps us from achieving our mission.
#4: Solution provider. When we do a lot of business analysis on associations, we see an emphasis on pricing, when the real issue is data or the value at the price point.
#5: Project management. We have a pretty good process and it’s rare that we’re ever delayed on deliverables. We get it done.
#6: Love of people. If you’re in the service business like we are or your association is, and you don’t truly enjoy the people that you’re working with, it’s not very good. I’ve seen the organizations where the people are absolutely passionate about the folks that they represent and work for. That’s a great organization to be a part of.
#7: Being coachable.
#8: Work ethic. If your team is willing to outwork anyone, the likelihood of losing or failing goes way, way down.
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