How To Improve Member Recruitment Now – Association Hustle Episode 288 (8m 26s)



How can state, local, and national affiliations work together to create a killer membership recruitment program? Find out on this week’s Association Hustle podcast.
Hello and welcome to JP Moery’s Association Hustle Podcast. President of The Moery Company, JP’s mission is to arm today’s associations with insight and strategy to thrive and a progressively complex and competitive business landscape. 21st century associations must move forward with a little bit of hustle and revenue development at their core.
Here’s JP.
#1: Remember that every member company is unique, but segments have similar needs. We tend to treat our members like a homogenous group. Small businesses want to know about compliance. They’re about business growth and sustainability. Large businesses seek influence that conveys into leadership and government relations issues at the federal level.
#2: Identify how you are going to work with your state and local affiliates. Or if you’re a state and local chapter, how are you going to work with the national chapter? We need to build a consistent value proposition locally and at the national level.
Listen to the podcast to hear more about the importance of local, state, and national affiliates working together to create value for members…
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