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Trade show exhibit sales are under some intense pressure.  When MoeryLAI was launched, several associations asked us to assisnt in this important area.
Primarily, two factors kept us from moving into the space right away: 1. I frankly wasn’t sure if the model would be viable post-recession; and 2. I wanted the absolutely right talent to head our efforts.
Well, the model still needs help (although surviving)…and, we found a fantastic leader to lead our effort.
MoeryLAI is pleased to announce Jackie Berdy as Business Development Advisor and leader of our new exhibit sales practice.
Jackie has a successful track record of exhibit sales and sponsorships, including for AARP’s Life@50 and Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining shows.  She has also performed event sales with organizations such as Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, Airports Council International-North America, Building Owners and Managers Association, the Shell Oil Expo and FOSE.
Association sales require a consistent and comprehensive effort.  I am hopeful we are in a position to offer a suite of programs which match needs in the marketplace.
For those keeping score at home, here is the lineup of offerings:

  • Membership recruitment: A professional focused on a specific segment of your membership or the entire prospect database.
  • Sponsorship development: The experience to develop the prospectus and sell to current and prospective marketers in your industry.
  • Exhibit sales: We fill the hall so you can focus efforts on a great event.
  • Business Development Advice:  When thousands of sales contacts are made by your company annually, you learn alot.


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