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One of the most significant concerns I have for my company and the association community is the ability to be nimble and adaptive to evolving business trends and technology.
I see organizations embracing the idea of change with the willingness to adapt and adjust direction. However, there are many who hold on to the way things used to be – and, I don’t know if those folks are going to be around much longer.
I’m consistently assessing and modifying my approach to various elements of The Moery Company. I’ll be honest; I had a meeting recently with a great association, great people, but – ultimately, none of us were happy with how things went on in our project
And frankly, there were red flags all along the way in the program.  For the most part, however, we kept our head down, stuck to the scope, and adjusted very little.  We thought that just doing the work would solve the issues eventually.  Not so.
Based on these types of experiences should help us learn to change and adaptability is ongoing. What steps must we take to acclimate to new expectations or evolving conditions? How can we adjust our tactics to create a better partnership?  Rather than moving back and forth in a negative way, I must decide whether to end the agreement or find a mutually agreeable solution that meets with the goals and expectations on both sides.
For example, we consistently evaluate and change up our modes of communication with our audience. For example, to garner greater newsletter engagement, we assess modifications. What do we change? Do we send it out at a different time? Different days? With increased demand, we’ve also been doubling down on the number of webinars we offer each month.
There are changes you’ll need to examine and carry out to remain relevant to your members. Is your association nimble enough to make a move in another direction – moves to draw more folks to your organization?
Adapt to succeed. And don’t wait until it is too late.  
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