Reflecting on the Year 2021 and a Decade’s Worth of Workforce – Association Field Report (December 31, 2021)



Observations from the Field: Reflecting on the year and the preceding decade-plus in the workforce.
For a little background as I reflect upon the year and the last decade-plus of being in the workplace, I am coming to you from Oklahoma, my home state, the homestead if you will.
I always thought that there was value in remembering where you come from, and coming from this place where it’s windy, and there’s a lot of red dirt, I learned a lot of things.
First, I observed good work ethics from very grounded people. People relied and depended on them. I always valued that work ethic and dependability.
I also like the consistency of folks that come from here. They’re not up and down. They don’t get too volatile around anything. They are very level, always showing up, present, and consistent.
Now and in the past I learned from my peers, teachers, coaches, and all those folks that I grew up with around the Sooner State. Many of them I’m still friends with today. I cherish those relationships so much. Those are things that I have always valued.
As you think about this time and reflect upon the end of the year, where did you come from? Having that is a strong base and a foundation. Remember that as you start to propel yourself forward in 2022.

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