Fortune is in the Follow-Up



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A few days before officially starting my career in sales at the Moery Company, I heard the phrase “Fortune is in the Follow-up.” That phrase has stuck with me to this very day and is a constant reminder as I sell on behalf of my association clients.
The fourth quarter presents both an exciting and important time in membership recruitment. Oftentimes associations offer “Pro-Rated” or “Extended Year” (15-12) membership promotions, making the fourth quarter the perfect time to pick up the phone and check in with prospects. For example, I am currently working with a client to follow up with “closed lost” opportunities. This exercise targets prospects who showed interest in the association but didn’t ultimately pursue membership for one reason or another.
Sales is all about relationship building and what better way to build a relationship than calling companies formerly in the pipeline, asking how business is going, and presenting opportunities for them going into the new year. On the topic of relationship building, a seamless onboarding process gets you and your members off to a great start and is instrumental in increasing the likelihood that they’ll get involved and renew year after year.
Best wishes on a strong finish to the year!
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