Get to Know Your Prospects



Initial sales calls and emails set the foundation for future engagements with your customer.  Obviously, you know your product, but what do you know about the person you’ll be talking to?  Whether it’s on the phone or through email, it’s important to know something about your audience before you connect
A good practice is to take a few minutes to do some research your prospect.  Social media is a great place to start.   A quick scan of LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook can give you valuable insight to the customer’s background.  By knowing more about the customer, you can now customize your call or email to what interests them the most.
Another tip is to look for a personal touch.  Finding a common interest can bring you closer to the customer and help build a stronger relationship.  It can be something like where they went to college or a past employer.  Taking the time to find out more about your prospect can go a long way in the sales process.
Julie Divine is a Moery Sales Associate. You can follow Julie on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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