Going “All In” on Social Media



This social media tactic may help you build awareness and provide a launching pad for more sales in your organization.
Our methodology is simple – we are “all in” with the approach. Our entire team follows our current clients, prospects, and thought leaders in the association business on every social media platform. And, the good news is – many of them follow us back.  So, in effect, we have developed a two conversation by a very simple tactic.
On Wednesday and Thursday of each week, our entire staff posts our company content on their personal social media channels – Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, so we cast a wide net of awareness throughout the nonprofit community. The results?
Since December 2017, the number of visitors to our corporate site is up 54%, page views are up 75%, sessions within our site are up 60%, and organic searches of our company are up 42%. It’s incredible and it’s been team effort that has really paid off.
This strategy can be utilized by every small business and every association. It’s a minimal lift. Critical to the effort is the buy-in and advocacy of this methodology from the top of your organization. At our company – we incentivize social sharing as part every individual’s quarterly goals. If they participate through social to help grow the organization – they receive a bonus. If they don’t do, they won’t.
So, we’ve set up a plan, monitor the results, and then reward people who are truly engaged. The effort has been tremendous. And, by the way, we signed up more clients in the last 60 days then we ever have in the history of the company. #THEBIGREDM
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