Why “Good” Association Execs aren’t “Great.”



In a past post, I mentioned qualities which made Association CEOs great.  It received so much feedback, I decided to flip the coin over and address missed opportunities.
The merely good executives:
Don’t get hands dirty by raising money. Some chief executives don’t like to sell. However, without a robust dialogue around money with a prospect, they miss candid feedback about the value and perception of the association.  The value isn’t actually around the revenue potential; but, the candid assessment received.  If you aren’t involved in regular development work, I encourage you to do so.
Resist changing live events. So many organizations are doing the same thing over and over. The live event can be the platform for an enterprise to increase revenue, launch its enterprise-wide initiatives and re-energize the entire industry.  However, few chiefs are willing to significantly challenge their own event planners.  Maybe they think it’s below them or not worth the headache. Wrong.
Can’t or won’t build sustainable organizations. Without intent I’m sure, some executives establish organizations built around their individual strengths and personality.  Exceptional leadership survives the individual and entrenches values, processes, business methods and a commitment to excellence that continues after their work is finished.  “That association isn’t the same since “so and so” left,” isn’t a reflection of your greatness.
Are you a rent-an-exec for the contract tenure or a legacy builder?  It’s you’re call.


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