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LAI SVP Helena Lehman and I had the privilege of speaking at the recent NAM association meeting.  During our preparation, we came across a discussion item to share with you.
We’ve had the opportunity to participate in hundreds of meetings and found, that most often, the excellent events had a synergy of three Cs – commerce, content and community.  Too often our organization treat events in silos.  In fact, it’s not rare if the content guys don’t speak to the commerce (expo and sponsorship) ladies, or vice versa.
The best events we have seen combined the three Cs often, or at least had two of the three characteristics worked simultaneously.  I would encourage you to take each event function and run it through this filter.  I’ve found the exercise provides a bit more rigor to your programming.
Helena and I will cover this and more at a Great Events – Best Practices luncheon March 8th.  Feel free to bring your own ideas…I’ll buy lunch.


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