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A Moery Company LogoBecoming a business owner has fundamentally changed how I make decisions, communicate with my team and prioritize activity. Expectations of myself and colleagues are greatly affected.  The stakes are certainly higher.  And, some business decisions I made as a manager were totally different than in the role of owner.  This week I jotted down a few thoughts, which might help those of you “climbing the ladder.”
Your business owner may be thinking these things:

  • When you are working, bring it all.  A 24/7 commitment may not be expected, but when you post bring energy, a positive attitude and productivity.
  • Move problems up. Every company has challenges – but bring it to your manager with two suggestions on how to fix it.
  • No gossip. It kills a positive workplace.
  • You own your career, the employer doesn’t. Over the years, I’ve heard complaints about the overall career trajectory of a colleague.  But, in some cases, the professional has done very little to improve, continue learning or really taking the responsibility for that professional path. Your company is not responsible for a nice climb up the career ladder.  That’s your job.
  • I owe you a great work environment and the resources to be successful.  Now that your career ownership is cleared up…here is my perspective on what the business does owe you.  The products, services and overall support to change customer’s lives for the better.  And, that is a pretty tall order.  I also owe you an outstanding place to spend your time and efforts.

Fair?  Send me your thoughts.


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