Here’s How to Have Record-Breaking Months in 2016



A Moery Company LogoWe were fortunate to have unprecedented growth by logging the best 3-months revenue numbers in our company’s history. The formula to success is simple.

  1. Incredible action. Our sales activity is surging over last year’s performance and we expect to continue this upward trajectory. In response, we’ve hired an additional salesperson this year and charged our team to out-hustle every other company in our space.
  1. Leverage the opportunity of new budgets. The New Year always frees up corporate cash. Are you engaging the largest prospects that have dollars available – which, may not be around later? Our Salesforce contacts are up nearly 400% from 1st quarter 2015.
  1. All chips are in for social media and broadcast. We’ve made an intentional move to push out more content than ever before – as often as we can type out a blog or record a podcast. Our once biweekly e-newsletter now arrives to our readership every week. We’ve increased our social media activity three-fold on a daily basis – and, even tapped into some new tools like Periscope to get our messaging out. The result is more inbound requests for our services.

These are three simple tactics to win by. They take hard work, but are absolutely possible in your business or association.


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