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When I talk to associations about having us sell their memberships, sponsorships, ads, or exhibits, it is almost always met with some form of resistance of having an “outsider” sell their services. Will we be able to communicate their value proposition? Will we understand the nuances and sensitivities of certain members? Will the prospects be confused about who we are?
These are all valid concerns and questions, and I’d be asking the same things. And one question I have for an association, what are you good at?
Most often, they excel at advocacy and regulatory issues. Why? Because this is what their members pay them to be good at. So, when I ask our long-time partners why they hired us and continue to use us as a fractional resource, it’s simple, we are experts at selling for associations.
In your everyday life, you choose to go with someone who is an expert at something. If you break your finger, would you go to an internist or see an orthopedic? If you have a leak in your house, will you call a general contractor or a plumber? So, for many associations, they have to make choices. Sure, some large associations can afford to hire an entire membership team that has staff for onboarding, retention, new member recruitment, managing the CRM, sales management, and marketing resources. However, most have a single membership person, and they ask that person to have a skill set of 3-4 different positions.
So don’t think of us as an “outsider,” think of us as an association sales expert. This is what we have been doing successfully for over a decade for associations on a daily basis.

MMike Thomas, VP Moery Companyike Thomas | Senior Vice President 
Mike has more than 20 years of association and media experience. With his expertise in sales training, he’s developed the very best talent in the association space. With a seasoned understanding of what drives association prospects, Mike excels at creating client strategies tailored to the needs of their organization – and, effectively sets goals not only to meet, but surpass expectations.


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