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Throughout 2017, I had the opportunity to meet with many Association CEOs whom I truly respect and found a common theme throughout our discussion: engaging, recruiting, and retaining members.
There was concern expressed and a tangible uncertainty around the long-term viability of some of their organizations – and, with good reason. I truly believe some associations will cease to exist in their current state and others will simply become a shadow of their former selves. Others will grow, accumulate and flourish in an era where customers demand more and the infrastructure to deliver excellent solutions is smoother than ever.
Here are three recommendations:
Design a thought leadership strategy to become the premier source of information for at least one content area in your industry.  White papers, blogs, speeches, webinars and podcasts on the topic.
Launch a revolutionary offering for your membership. Implement a new delivery mechanism for your communications by launching a podcast or vlog at your organization. By the way, we can help with that this year.
Also, eliminate a floundering service…something.  C’mon guys.  I conduct strategic planning on a regular basis and the idea of eliminating a program is often met with silence.  Isn’t there something your association should stop doing?
Let’s crush this.  I’m with you all the way.
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