How Are You Preparing for 2019?



Quick – it’s the first week of December – what is your plan of attack for January 1, 2019?  For each of my clients, I have a different plan, most of which have been in the works since the end of Q3.  The holidays give us a chance to reset and position ourselves up for success with a clean slate in the coming year.
For some of my clients, I develop a “Top 10” program – recognizing and strategizing with the ten largest spenders from the year prior.  We’ll have a call to identify their involvement in the association in the coming year.  During that call, I look to support their initiatives and goals, but I also look to expand their involvement.  Perhaps it’s more advertising or sponsorship of something new.  I also like to give them first dibs on the inventory.
The best part of pulling out the top spenders and attacking early on is that it gets that revenue in and secured.  Last year I sold roughly 20% of my budget with those Top 10 companies before the new year even started.  This allows me to renew repeat business in the coming year (a lighter lift time wise) and spend more time on new prospects (a heavier lift).
I would recommend a similar organized plan for memberships in 2019.  Identifying your largest membership prospects and putting together a plan for yourself as to how you’ll connect activities you want them involved in, and strategic meetings that need to take place in the coming year.
As if the holidays weren’t crazy enough, in December we look to win and close business.  But on top of that, I challenge you to use December to also prepare for January.  Whether you prepare for 2019 with a strategic plan of attack, a methodical cleaning of your pipeline or perhaps something else, find the time to prepare and organize and start the year on your best foot.
Elizabeth Johnson is a Vice President at The Moery Company. For additional content by Elizabeth, check out Chasing the Chickens of Membership. Follow her on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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