How Association Clients Think- Association Field Report (July 2, 2021)



Hello there, it’s JP Moery with an observation from the field.  I got one today for all my friends that are in the association consulting business or the association service business.
Associations are our clients, and I want to tell you something, clients think it’s always about them – and that’s okay.  It’s always going to be about them, and we should be about them as well.
I’ve seen it happen 100 times: you might have a long-term client that hires a new staff person.  The staff person may have a different direction they want to take, or they may not be aligned in the way that you do business. That’s okay but get ready because that client or that member of the staff is going to win out over you. This might be a symbol for a new change that’s getting ready to come down your path but go ahead and accept it.
The clients should be all about them. We can offer them the best advice, we can do the very best work we can, but at the end of the day they’re thinking about their core business. That’s the way it is and frankly, that’s the way it should be. Hope this is helpful to you moving forward.
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