How Do Associations Keep Their Members Long Term? – Ask JP #074



Hello, everybody, welcome to another edition of Ask JP.  The question today comes from a member of my family, Katie Jo Moery, how do associations keep their members long-term?
We are getting much better, as organizations, in terms of the way we onboard or orientate new members when they join the association. How about making that same availability to your existing members.  You might need to frame it, you might need to describe it a little bit differently but basically provide the same content.
Here is what I’ve learned: over time you make some assumptions about the association or any kind of affiliation that you have.  In this case, you can reset some of the benefits and the services that the association has for people that have been members for a very long time.
Here’s what we know: there are new people at those companies, there are new people at your association, and there are new products and services that a particular association offers that the members don’t know about. There are new initiatives at that member company that may make them increasingly aware or more interested in some of the new products and services or even some of the old ones that you have that they didn’t need before.
Companies change, associations change, and people change both in the association and in the member companies. So, relaunch to them – build that relationship or new relationships over. That’s my advice. Thanks for watching.
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