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Here’s a question that I’m getting quite a bit, “Hey, I’m looking for my next role. I may need a new position. I’ve been transitioned out of my organization. What do I do about it?”
It’s very interesting time for a career transition because we’ve got a couple of factors to acknowledge. The main one is that organizations are not hiring. I spend some time on industry message boards and I follow who is hiring in the association space and it’s not happening right now and that’s reality we’ll be facing for the next several months, or so.
Here’s some recommendations that are a bit different than what I would have recommended maybe a year ago:
Complimentary Work
Find three organizations that you would like to work for and reach out to them and ask if you could work on a project in your area of expertise at no charge. There are a lot of things that associations need help with: virtual meetings, engaging members, membership recruitment, and more. In addition, there are many things that the association is trying to figure out and they may be willing to give you the opportunity to work for them. The question is, are you able to do that for free on a project basis for a couple months? Your track record with them may enable them to hire you later.
Thought Leadership
Become a thought leader in your filed or area of specialization. Develop content, videos, or a podcast. At the very least start posting on LinkedIn to showcase your expertise. What is keeping you from launching your own Zoom call series with other people in your specialty? Whether you’re a specialist in membership, marketing, or if you’re a chief operating officer you can provide your input on all of the things that are happening in your space right now. There’s very little friction for you to be able to launch your own content.
So, become a thought leader and go to your top organizations to ask to do projects on a complimentary basis for the next several months.
That is the way to fill the gap while organizations are on a hiring freeze.
Let’s see if we can get you engaged in the market! Best wishes to you.
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