How Do We Create a Renewal Process for Membership in 2021? – Ask JP #046



The question for Ask JP today is, “How do we create a renewal process for membership in 2021?”
Organizations are going to be evaluating their membership status with you and they’re going to be evaluating every association that they are a member of.
There are a couple things to keep in mind as you evaluate and adjust your renewal process.
First things first, don’t look at the renewal as just an invoicing process. I don’t think we’re going to get the usual 90-95% renewal rates in the next calendar year. You need an intentional process and the best way to start is to look at the goal for your renewal program. What is it? Is it to keep all of the existing members? Is it to meet a certain internal financial goal? Is it to be fair and equitable? Is it to offer some kind of deal or incentive if they can pay early? What’s the plan if they can’t pay on the regular schedule? Should you offer quarterly payments?
Identify what’s most important to you, set the criteria, and then reverse engineer renewal process.
It’s going to require more engagement and more empathy rather than just dropping an invoice like we used to do and getting paid in 30 days.
Food for thought. Thanks for the question.
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