How do we develop annual sponsorship programs? – Ask JP #019



Hey, we’ve got another Ask JP episode! Today’s question is, “How do we develop annual sponsorship programs?”
Ah, great question.
It’s a very timely one because associations are now saying, “We had live event-only sponsorships, now what we do as those are being canceled?”
Here’s what I would do:
Inventory your entire organization and all of the assets that you have in place that might be sponsorable. Look at your inventory of podcasts, webinars, website, the delivery of educational content through your newsletters, and other types of things.
Then, look at your sponsors and consider what they want to accomplish in working with you? Do they want to connect with people? Do they want to deliver thought leadership? Do they want branding opportunities?
When you take those first two steps you’re going to get the foundational information that you need to start developing a year-long program.
We’ve been talking about this for years: you need a more diversified portfolio. If you’re only relying on meetings, and then the meetings get cancelled, we now know what happens, don’t we?
So, inventory all of your assets, look at what your sponsors want to accomplish, and that’s going to lead you to fit the two together and come up with an annualized program.
Thanks for the question.
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