How do we sell new memberships in the middle of a pandemic? – Ask JP #043



Question today is, “How do we sell membership in this environment?” Had this question come up during a great panel discussion that I was on yesterday so I will share some of the thoughts of my association colleagues and myself.
Many of the associations have been offering a great deal of information, data, and content, whether it’s about the pandemic, PPP loans, and tools. Every association has a COVID resources page! Did you offer all of this information to everyone at no charge? If so, you may want to dial it back and move majority of it to a members’ only site. Doing so will provide you with leverage to sell membership.
Here’s what you can include behind the membership paywall, so to speak:

COVID resources and their interpretation specific to your industry.

Interpretation of the new rules around PPP loans and loan forgiveness.

Government relations and the interpretation of what the election results mean for your industry.

These resources are one of your key value propositions. Reserve the detailed interpretation for your members.
That’s one way you can sell memberships during this time.
Need help selling memberships? We can help! Reach out below and we’ll be in touch shortly:
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