How Do You Collaborate With Existing Staff on Membership & Sponsorship Sales? – Ask JP #055



Hello everybody, welcome to Ask JP.
A CEO brought up a great question, how do you collaborate with existing staff when you’re involved in membership and sponsorship sales?
This is a great question, because I do not think there is much clarity around this. Is it all staff or is it one or the other? Is it The Moery Company or your consultant?
I’ve learned over time that it is collaboration more than define lines. When we (The Moery Company) do our sales work, sometimes the existing staff and the association have some responsibilities. For example, they many have a certain segment of a different group.
The most important thing is clarifying who has what audience and what the relationships are. Often times The Moery Company sells it and the existing team executes fulfillment. For example, the existing may work on a renewal or we work on new business.
The most important thing is exchange of information between us and the existing staff. If that’s good, then the relationship is fantastic and explosive. But if it’s insular and no sharing then the business will be limited in terms of the opportunity to flourish.
That’s the way we do it. The more collaboration the better. Please don’t hesitate to ask a question below!
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