How do you launch a new sales project? – Ask JP #036



Today’s question came up during one of our recent sales meeting:
“How do you launch a new sales project?”
The answer applies whether it’s a new membership category or a new sponsorship program. Sometimes, we’re selling things that we’ve been selling for years. Other times, it’s a brand-new program.
Here are six steps to selling a brand-new program:

1. Plan the sequence of events and the timeline for the distribution of information. It’s really important to plan out your sequence of events because selling a new program can be overwhelming. Break it down into smaller chunks and include a timeline for rolling out each part

2. Develop an offer – or some kind of incentive – that would make anybody who is remotely interested want to talk to you about it.

3. Build out a kick ass list. We focus a lot of time on segmenting and making sure that we’re communicating the new program and incentives to the right people.

4. Implement the sequence of events where you educate people about this new offer and incentive to establish a) how good of a program it is and b) your credibility as you’re educating them – about the virtual sponsorship program, as an example.

5. Have a deadline for the incentive. You want urgency in place to get the sale.

6. Launch the program, again. Do it using a different timeline, different type of program, a different incentive, and present it to a different segment of the list for specified amount of time.

That’s how you launch a new sales effort. Good luck and go get them.
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