How Do You Set Up Email Campaigns and How Do They Work? – Ask JP #085



Hello, everybody, it’s an Ask JP episode today. I had someone asked me, “how do you set up your email campaigns and how do they work?”
We use a lot of those here at The Moery Company to distribute content, generate leads and all that. I’m happy to share some ideas with you, and I have about seven.
#1. Identify the goal of the email.
What do you want to accomplish with them? Is it set up a meeting or is it just to build awareness and kind of distribute content? Those are two very different approaches.  You have to be thoughtful about it before you launch the campaign, because launching the campaign or sending out the email is just frankly, not enough.
#2: Deliver value every single time.
I want the reader to be better off because they read that email or saw the content that’s in it. That keeps them engaged, and they will continue to open those emails in the future.
#3: Think about your audience.
Who are they? What is their day like? How do they consume information?  About 50% or more of our content and emails are opened on mobile. So, I’ve got to be very aware of that when we craft the email.
#4: Determine the timeline you want the campaign to go out.
I’ve sent email campaigns out without the bandwidth to follow up on them. That’s a big mistake. We know that after someone opens an email or engages with content, if you can get in touch with them within the hour, or very quickly, their likelihood to respond or talk with you goes way up. So be familiar with that.
#5: Don’t use more than two links.
What is the call to action? Or what action Do you want them to take? If you have too many links, it confuses them they don’t know where to go.
#6: Test your emails.
Make sure they look okay on all the devices. A friend of mine said, “oh my gosh, now that I’m looking at that email on mobile, that’s way too long.” It probably is. Click the links, call the phone numbers, do a little bit of that due diligence because you don’t want someone to try to call you and they can’t reach you.
#7: Monitor the metrics.
It’s amazing how we send stuff out and then we just turn our back into follow up and look at what happened. So, look at those metrics. If you’ve got people engage, those are folks that you may want to contact directly. That’s the best lead generation kind of program. People that are engaged and interested in what you’re doing, those are the folks that I want to contact and have further conversations.
I hope that’s helpful to you. I think email campaigns can really work for your organization. Keep it up.


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