How Do You Utilize a CRM Effectively? Ask JP #062



Hi everybody, welcome to another Ask JP. Today is more of an observation than a question.
Often times when we are helping sales team implement their CRM or Salesforce, clients will resist and say “hey, man, it takes too long, I can’t get it done. It takes me out of my rhythm of sales.” Usually this comes from a long-term salesperson.
Here is how to overcome this objection, admit that it’s going to take a couple weeks to learn how to do this. But, when you learn it, it’s going to be better. It will be a tool that you can utilize to be a better salesperson.
There are a couple reasons a CRM will lead you to be a better salesperson. One, you’re able to see all of your metrics. Two, you’re able to track your relationships with different people and keep track of what’s going on in the sales process.
The other thing I suggest you tell your clients is there are tools now with these apps that make the process save time. Because you’ve got a mobile app and a desktop app, you can make calls from the app, have a to-do list within the platform, take audio notes and make calls directly from the application.
So, if you tell them that what they’re doing in separate apps like Outlook and Excel can be done within one CRM it’s going to be powerful for the people who are resisting.
Let me tell you how important this is. I’ve been working in sales for a long time. The number one common characteristic of a poor sales operation is the fact that they’re not utilizing a CRM effectively. And that is for sure. hope this is helpful.
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