How Frequently Should I Follow Up a Potential Sponsor or Client? – Ask JP #091



Hello everybody, it’s an episode of Ask JP. I had a great question from one of my friends in the racing business. They asked me, how much follow up should I have with a prospective sponsor or client?
I can tell you that over the years, my mind has changed on this a little bit. I used to be all about activity, how many activities are you making with the client? How much activity are you conducting on a weekly basis?
Now what I really started to learn is, certainly you’ve got to hustle, you’ve got to get after it, you’ve got to follow up because a lot of organizations don’t do enough of it. That’s where we see lost sales opportunities.
It’s more about quality engagement, quality activity, and what I mean by that is, rather than saying, “hey I want to follow up with you; hey I want to check in,” you say “hey I want to deliver value to you, and I want to demonstrate that when you work with me we’re going to make things really happen for you.” I want that kind of quality, and what I’ve seen over time, is that you can have less activity if you have more quality.
Don’t get caught up into the McDonald’s way of serving billions of people bad hamburgers, no offense McDonald’s, but start thinking about the quality sales activity that you have.  If you’re thoughtful your engagement with the prospect, you will be more effective than if you’re just doing a bunch of emails just to meet an activity mark.
Hope that’s helpful. Best wishes, keep it going.
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