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We are in the midst of Q3 – how’s it going? Sales at The Moery Company are on the rise. Why – a simple strategy. At the end of the Q2, we took a step back to review our email performance. We send thousands of emails a year and it’s easy to fall into the same sending cycle. To ensure we are thoughtfully in line with our goals, I continually review our strategy. Going into Q3, I reviewed Q1 and Q2 numbers to see if there were improvements to be made.
Our team had been unintentionally sending most of our communications on Wednesday and Thursday; however, the numbers show the best days of the week for email engagement are Tuesday and Thursday. So, going into Q3 we refocused and increased communications on those days – and, it’s certainly made a difference. Both of our open and click rates have gone up.
Unsurprisingly, Friday typically trends with below-average opens and clicks. So, we avoid sending Friday emails (depending on the urgency) and opt to send on Monday. I have been wary of Monday sends in the past but have concluded that Monday emails are in fact a better option than Friday.
Lastly, I’ve confirmed that the smaller and more targeted your prospects, the better the email engagement. This has been and will continue to be a critical part of our sales method and a secret to our success. I encourage you to look at your own email trends to make Q3 best it can be!
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