How Often Should We Check the Integrity of Our Data? – Ask JP #047



Today’s Ask JP question is this, “Hey, how often should I check into my data? How should I evaluate the quality of the data I have on my membership?”
I was thinking about it dawned on me that checking your data is kind of like going to the dentist, right? Every six months, you show up, open your mouth, and the doc says, “Ooh, that crowns cracked!” Or, “Ooh, you got a cavity!” Right?
It’s the same thing with data. About every six months, or so, you need a look at your data and check its integrity. For example, we use a system called BriteVerify to verify email addresses. What we often find is that we’ve lost contacts with a company because two of the three people are no longer there.
So, I recommend that you verify all of your email addresses at least every six months and use that as the first step to determine what other types of follow up or connection you need to make within the company to ensure you’re connected to, speaking with, and communicating with the right people in the company for the purpose of your association.
Check the data every six months. Go to the dentist, too! Don’t forget that. Hope that’s helpful.


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