How Often Should You Communicate With Your Members and Industry? – Ask JP #075



Hello, it’s another edition of Ask JP, the question today was, how often should I communicate with our members and our industry?
As an association, here’s my perspective. All the time, every day, 24/7/365.  I don’t believe you can communicate too much. We are media companies. We are media platforms. We need to engage podcasts, video, e-newsletters, magazines, webinars, one off white papers that you send to them, handwritten notes, etc.
Let me tell you this, we are competing with other media platforms and other service providers for mind and time of our members.  I can guarantee you that our competition, in the for-profit side, is going to fill that gap. They’re not thinking about scaling back. They are thinking about more and scaling up, and that’s what we must do as associations.
We’ve got to think about scalability. We’ve got to think about repurposing our content in a multitude of different ways and utilizing the bandwidth that we have with our staff to do that.
We are media companies, and the better we are at that, the more influential we can be in our industry and with decision makers on Capitol Hill. Best wishes, more is better.
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