How to Adapt Your Sales Process for Success in the Current Business Climate



Here’s a sales tactic that will differentiate you:
Use a phone first approach.
There’s a variety of different reasons why, one being that it’s very effective. We have relied on e-mails to do a lot of the work for us. I still think it’s a vital component and you’re probably going to spend at least 50% of your sales activity on e-mails. However, a phone first mentality is good to have because you’re going to differentiate yourself from the competition – or other groups – that are just sending e-mails.
The second reason is you’re able to get and develop a better personal connection. You can have a more direct conversation and dive deeper in to company’s plans – whether they’re looking to join or to become a sponsor.
By the way, any significant business deal usually includes having a phone call so a lot of our e-mails are about setting up those phone calls. Why won’t you call them in the first place? The phone is going to be very important in the next quarter – and in the next year – because of the ability to connect with people better and to differentiate yourself.
Wishing you success!
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