How to Finish the Year Strong? – Ask JP #048



We’ve got a really good question this week, “How do I end the year strong?”
It’s a great question because I always like to lean in to the tape the last few weeks of the year.
Let me share with you a great piece of advice that has worked well for us: revisit and call everyone who said no within the last year – or the last two years – because you never know if things have changed for them. It also shows the prospect that you’re interested in them.
Revisit with the folks who you had good conversations with. The timing wasn’t right at that time; however, it might be right now. By the way, they could have 1) budget money still left over to join the association or buy the sponsorship and 2) they may be developing their budget for membership or sponsorship next year and you’re the first in line to be involved in the budget for the new year.
That’s the way to end the year strong. Go back to the people that said no. Hope that’s helpful. Thanks for the question.
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