How To Handle A “Failed” Project



A part of life and business is experiencing the ups and downs. Some projects do not pan out the way I expect, and it is a tough pill to swallow. The best way to handle a “failed” project is to look back and learn from what went wrong. Most of the time, it is a combination of both parties involved that determine the outcome of a project. Despite how you may feel, avoid placing all the blame on the other party. If you go down that road, you will not be able to figure out how to navigate similar challenges in the future. Focus on what you can control rather than what the other party “should have done” differently.
Projects that do not end successfully, sometimes have a rocky start or get muddy as the project moves forward. It is so important that the client has a clear goal and knows what they want out of the project. It is our job to help them figure that out and stay focused on that goal. You cannot control if priorities or expectations shift internally without your knowledge. But, if you notice things starting to get messy, act right away and make sure your work is still aligned with their goals.
Specifically, when we jump into a research project, it is important to establish crystal clear expectations. Be direct and ask, what is the goal? Is it to find more information (such as revenue) on companies you have? Is it to find out if that company is still active? Is it to verify email addresses? Is it to find new prospects? Our job is to ask those questions to stay on track for a successful outcome. That is in our control.


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