How to Maximize Survey Response Rates – Composing an Effective Email



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Below are the steps you should follow when creating a survey email invitation.

HINT: Do everything you can to make the survey email invitation look as if it is coming from a real person.


1) NEVER use html.
2) ALWAYS have the email invitation appear to come from someone respondents recognize at your organization. Don’t use your generic marketing email template or account.
3) Use the sender’s actual email signature block. Again, you need to make this appear to come from someone real.
4) Keep the email SHORT. The FIRST sentence should explain that you are conducting a survey and need the individual to respond.
5) Always personalize the email greeting, such as “Hi Joe”…don’t say “Dear Joe” if that is not how the person from whom the email is coming would normally start an email. NEVER say “Dear Member”…as that is too generic.
6) The only link that should be in the email is the link to the survey, and, of course, the opt-out link at the VERY bottom of the email.
7) Send no more than two follow-up reminders that are targeted ONLY to those who haven’t completed the survey.
8) Keep the survey in the field for about 7 business days and stagger the reminder emails about two or three days apart. PUT THE DEADLINE IN THE LAST EMAIL INVITE ONLY.
9) Most importantly, make sure to include the following in your subject line: “Please Respond” or “Participation Requested” along with the title of your survey. You need this call to action.

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