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A Moery Company LogoThere are terrible things going on in the world. But tragic events have always been an unfortunate part of a world occupied by the human race.  But, I sincerely think these heartbreaking moments are part of God’s plan. I’m not saying these events should happen; but, maybe they provide the opportunity to do good, to serve, to overcome, to show love.  In light of the recent acts of international terrorism, mass shootings and racial tension here in the United States, I certainly understand it’s very difficult to even see the world picture and keep from losing faith or hope in each other.
However, we could choose not to use these events to make generalities about the world or certain people in it. Yes – there are terrible things taking place every day; but, there is an incredible amount of goodness in response to catastrophe. Countless people are making a tremendous positive impact and we should focus on what’s good and positive in the world.
But, I believe if you don’t adjust your focus a bit – you can really get pulled into a negative space, which can ultimately affect your personal narrative. I guarantee – if you spend too much time watching the news, reading social media, surfing the internet – you will be pulled into that “rabbit hole” of negativity.
And, the next thing you know, it’s affecting the way you think about people and how you ultimately deal with them. So, I’ve chosen to do a couple things:

  • I look to read something inspirational at the beginning of everyday – to set the day up in the right way. I will also read the paper at the beginning of the day. After that, I don’t touch the news. I don’t need the noise.
  • At the end of the day, I am starting to ask a question. How did I contribute, what did I learn, how did I improve and who did I help? This self-reflection will allow anyone the opportunity to address something personal and your one shot to make a positive difference if you haven’t already that day.
  • My third exercise has been the biggest challenge: read 10 pages a day from a book. If you don’t have time to read 10 pages, you’re lying to yourself. Reading from a good book puts a worthy deposit into your brain, instead of something not as good.

Try some of these strategies out. Just one could make a world of difference each day.
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