How to Pitch Existing Partners a Webinar Sponsorship



What methods do you use to pitch trade association sponsorship sales effectively? In optimizing trade association sponsorship sales, it’s pivotal to begin by engaging top sponsors who have shown consistent support.

Capitalize on their familiarity with your association’s value by inviting them to webinar sponsorships. Highlighting post-event deliverables, such as webinar recordings and brand placements, is crucial. Moreover, specificity in offerings can greatly enhance appeal to potential sponsors eager to connect with your core membership.

The other day, a good friend asked me, “Hey, we’re struggling a bit when it comes to converting existing sponsors – ones that we’re having great engagement with – into webinar sponsorships. They’re hesitant about the idea.”

Here’s the advice that I gave them.

Ask your top sponsors if they want to be involved first. You never know. I recognize that they’ve been giving you a lot of resources and a lot of support but they may be upset if you launch or develop a sponsorship program for your webinars and they’re not asked. Start with them to see if they want to participate and how. They’ve been active with you before and know what to expect. Then move on to second tier organizations. Maybe it’s a company that has not been involved with you as much and wants to increase their involvement with you. They may want to be featured during your pandemic focused webinars. Your reopening and relaunching of your association can be very valuable to them because people are paying attention and they are being engaged with you and on your new platform of value delivery.

Some of your core members, board members, and your most active core members may be very interested in supporting your webinar efforts, especially around content that’s about relaunching and re-reopening businesses.

Be very specific about the deliverables within the sponsorship prospectus. If the sponsor has been involved in your live event program before they know what a coffee break or what a lanyard sponsorship looks like. You don’t have to go into too much details to explain what they entail. However, for sponsors who are brand new – or if you’re offering a brand new sponsorship opportunity – you need to be very specific about what the deliverables entail. Make it clear about the placement of their brand, post event deliverables such as a recording of the webinar or additional promotions, a copy of the attendee list with their contact information, website placement, social media shout outs, and more. Be very specific about the deliverables.
It’s a great idea to make those offerings to convert a potential sponsor. Some of your companies may be begging for the opportunity to get out in front of your core membership audience. Take advantage of it. Give them the chance.

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