How to Re-Engage a Lapsed Member



I hear this question all the time, “Hey, JP! How do we re-engage our lapsed members?”
We have found that, through years of experience and helping our association clients attain their membership goals, a lapsed member is the best opportunity to recruit someone back to your organization.
Here’s why:
They’re familiar with you. They have experience with you, even if it may not be a positive one. Familiarity with your organization is one of the biggest challenges of recruiting new members for any association.
Offer a reset to lapsed members, a relaunch of sorts, to your association.
A sample pitch could go like this:
“I realize you used to be a part of our association. I wanted to make you aware of our new initiatives, new programs, and new leadership.”
It is all about rebranding and relaunching your association to those lapsed members.
We also found that, when there’s a change in leadership, and a change in direction, that that is the most appropriate time to go back to those lapsed members. They are the best prospects you have; however, you’ve got to have a compelling reason and a promise that it’s going to be different. If it’s not going to be any different, don’t waste your time trying to recruit them back because the same thing is going to happen: they’re not going to get value, they’re not going to participate, and they won’t be engaged.
Be prepared to show them proof in the changes you’ve made but also make sure you can execute that new experience.
Best of luck and please reach out if you ever need help with your membership recruitment efforts!


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