How to Recruit New Members in the Fourth Quarter



Membership recruitment is going to be incredibly important as we approach 2021. Here are three tips that I hope you find helpful in your recruitment efforts during the last quarter of 2020:

1. Make a “15 for 12” offer to companies that are already in the pipeline, and to those that are showing interest. In other words, give the rest of this year free and then bill them for next year. Fifteen months for the cost of twelve has always been successful for us in trade association sales.

2. Collect partial payment up front. Ask them for a portion of the dues this year and then bill them for the remainder in 2021.

3. Recruit your suppliers. Think about this as an added benefit. It’s likely that some of the value proposition around advocacy may not be what they’re particularly interested in but they’re thinking about how they’re going to grow their business and how they might reach and market to your industry in 2021. So, in addition to the 15 for 12-month membership deal, I would add a basic level sponsorship – or some kind of small marketing benefit – that they wouldn’t get normally. What this does is it demonstrates that you’re there to help them grow their business. Provide them with a benefit that doesn’t cost you a lot of money; this can be your basic level sponsorship, like a logo placement on your virtual event. Make the sponsorship opportunity part of your offer to new members that are willing to sign up in Q4 of 2020.

Often, the fourth quarter is very good for membership recruitment and this year it may be more important than ever before because you need the cash.

Hope this is helpful. Go get them.


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