How to Sell More Sponsorships for Your Association’s Virtual Event



Want to sign on more sponsors for your virtual events? We’ve got some insights for you and a real-life example.
Here’s how you can get more sponsors for your virtual event:
1. Invite your sponsors – or prospective sponsors – to a briefing for your virtual event to share what you’re going to be offering to them. Conduct an online webinar and make sure to collect registration information; now you’ve got prospective leads. Go through a 30-minute briefing and cover the following: what you’re going to be doing during the event, speaker list, list of concurrent sessions, and any other pertinent information. Hype the event! It’s going to be an awesome event online with great ROI for them.
2. Talk about the sponsorship inventory availability. Share available tiers and names of companies that have already committed. Thank them for the support and reiterate the value that you will be delivering to them. Make sure to also talk about the virtual exhibit hall and what’s possible there.
3. Demonstrate the platform that you will be using for your virtual event. Show them what your exhibit hall is going to look like and where they can upload their collateral, videos, and more. Offer them the opportunity to speak during the event as an option.
We did this with a great partner of ours last week during a 30-minute demo and we had attendees calling my colleague to upgrade their sponsorship during the demonstration. We also had people making their reservations for a virtual booth during that time.
Record the session and send it to the attendees afterward and use it to promote your prospectus for those who were not able to attend.
Here’s what else happened, at scale: we had several dozen people that we – in effect – were pitching all at the same time, and they acted on the opportunities immediately.
That’s how you sell more sponsorships. Good luck!
Need help selling more sponsorships for your virtual events? We can help! Check out our virtual event sponsorship program or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!
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