How to Shut Down Your Day – Association Field Report (October 1, 2021)



Hello my friends, it’s Observations from the Field from JP Moery, great to be with you.  I’ve got a different observation today. There is a lot of content about how to get your day started like morning rituals, how to make the day, seize the day, etc.
One of the things that I’m thinking a lot more about is how do I shut it down? How do we end the day, because in our current environment that we’re in, many of us are still working virtually.  We can have our work life leak into our personal life, and we never shut it down.  I think we had diminished returns when we do that.  For example, the work that you’re doing at nine o’clock, when you’re not really focused and sitting in front of the TV, probably isn’t that best of quality.
I really focus and hit it hard when I’m working for a defined amount of time. In order to do that, I need to shut down the day in a good productive way.  Here’s an idea. You need to go through your own evaluation of what works best for you.
One way is, I always try to clear my inbox. I always try to start the day with zero. So, I try to clear the inbox out, respond, put it in a folder, whatever it might be. The second thing I do, I review what is due for the remainder of the week and the next day, and I look at that strategically. Then I determine what is absolutely due tomorrow and has to happen.  I usually try to focus on three to five, and then I put those in the calendar.
How many people have a calendar that’s just open or they just got meeting scheduled? Those are the folks that have their calendar and their priorities taken over by other people. So, it’s important to schedule those things, okay. That means others will not take over what your priorities are. And then shut it down.
Turn off the light, shut down the phone, fold the computer up. That’s the way to end the day with power and results. Hope that’s helpful. See you next time.


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