How Would You Rate Your “Best Practices?”



Are your best practices really “the best?” I often think about this when it comes to email messaging and how it supports the goal of making the sale. Whatever your position within an organization may be, we all develop a standard business process. And if you haven’t evaluated its effectiveness recently, I strongly suggest you do so by years’ end.
With this in mind, I launched my own assessment. First, and most importantly for me, I wrote down every question I wanted answered. For example, “Had we been following our best practice of keeping subject lines brief?” And, “Is this method still working?”
With a clear idea of what I was looking for, I could begin to assemble the data. Admittedly, this is the most tedious part but worth it in the end!
As we move through the 4th quarter, I’ve done a deep-dive evaluation of our email process and how to start a conversation with the right people. At the beginning of every project, it’s standard to determine the quality of the prospect list. As time passes, the list usually dries up and we look for more prospects.  I’ve found we need a more thoughtful list development strategy, which continues throughout the sales process.
As a result, we’re implementing a new prospecting tool and process that we hope will quicken the process and allow us to make more sales. Until then, I’ll be watching the numbers and making changes based on how the prospect list performs. Good luck with assessing your “best practices;” hope this was helpful!


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