I Asked our Clients About Us. This is What I Learned…



Values: 100% of the time clients felt we exercised company values of integrity, dedication and collaboration.
Satisfaction: 90% were very satisfied with our performance; and, were likely to work with us again.
Reliable, collaborative and honest were the most popular one-word description.
Here’s what I didn’t like…  
Only 35% of you described us as “entrepreneurial.”  Heck, we are a sales and marketing company.  So, obviously we are not communicating or connecting on that level.  Or, of additional concern would be the client would not think of us when an “entrepreneurial” opportunity comes about.
That’s enough about us.  Here is the takeaway.  Ask clients or members about the value you provide.  And, try…really try to get the constructive criticism stuff.  It’s a project guaranteed to be worth your time.
And, if you don’t have the stomach for it, ask me to do it for you.  That will be a lot easier than doing it for myself!  Continued success.


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