I’m Joining Your Association…



1. You didn’t send me a “10 Reasons to Join” brochure.  I’m interested for one reason and that is what you showcased.
2. The association staff actually contacted me directly, learned about my business, and ASKED ME!
3. “Support your Industry” wasn’t in the membership marketing materials.
4. The website firewall was set back far enough to actually gain insights about association services and expertise.
5. The association showcases technical specialists and make them “rock stars.”  I don’t have the bandwidth to monitor and interpret critical issues, but now have access to experts.
6. My industry colleagues were highlighted in membership marketing materials to learn how others leveraged membership.
7. Someone from the industry actually contacted me (by email) to describe why her company joined.
8. You didn’t barrage me with membership dues discounts on a regular basis.  If the core value prop is constantly discounted it’s likely not worth it.
9. I didn’t get a committee list to participate in.  My time and my money?  It’s too soon for that.
10.  The whole process was personal and authentic – a seemingly customized experience.


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