I’m Not Joining Your Association…



Your prospects may not be interested for some of these reasons:

  1. The communication I receive is about your association, not my business.
  2. The Association website is organized by your departments, not the way I think about or consume your services.
  3. I might like your events, but you promote the destination (with pictures of the hotel!) more than the content.
  4. Your spamming me about every discount, early-bird deadline or special offer.  That’s about you…not me.
  5. You have never contacted me directly, ever.
  6. There are no examples of success or authentic testimonials about how association membership has saved a company.
  7. The government relations information provided is a weather report, without the insights about why I should care.
  8. You keep saying “You’er the Voice of the Industry.” Great – I’ll let someone else pay for it!
  9. Annually, you send me a 50% discount offer to join.  That’s a fire sale, which tells me it might not even be worth that.
  10. You can’t answer these questions with confidence – Can you help me make money? Save money? Or, keep my money?

A piece of advice: It’s all about “them” folks; and, that is the key to membership recruiting in the modern era.


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