I’m Sponsoring Your Event…




  1.  My business goals were a priority for our discussion rather than the cost underwriting priority so many associations use to solicit me.
  2. An enterprise-wide sponsorship was presented with multiple channels to promote my company. Live events are complimented by other inventory to develop a partnership with your association.
  3. If it’s a good idea to engage your membership during an annual meeting, then I appreciate the chance to do something unique year round.
  4. Your pricing is based on the opportunity offered, not association cost.
  5. Facilitated access to industry leaders, including face-to-face meetings, was a part of your program.
  6. The respect given my company with thought leadership opportunities through live presentations, white paper distribution or other means is not offered by your competition.
  7. Transparency in the sponsor process helps me understand why companies receive “premium” billing. And, I have the chance to choose this option, or not.
  8. The association has a designated team member to ensure my sponsorship is executed in a fantastic way.
  9. I receive good data and metrics, which provide a great narrative about your association when making the case at the home office.
  10. An annual forum for feedback is provided so the association can learn more about my changing business goals and offer new inventory, which might be a great fit.


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