I’m Not Sponsoring Your Event…



And, here’s why.

  1. Because you want me to underwrite your food and beverage costs.  Thanks for offering the Continental Breakfast Sponsorship.
  2. Your prospectus is organized chronologically, by event.  There is no thoughtful strategy on how to move the needle for my company’s business.
  3. Thought leadership is important to me…and, sponsors are not allowed to give remarks.  Association policy.
  4. The event attendee list is not available.  What do you think I’ll do? Spam them like you do?!
  5. My company is looking for an ongoing relationship with your members, but all I get every year is an event-based “one-off” program offer.
  6. The prospectus is distributed after my budget cycle is set.  I don’t have the discretionary dollars of the past because you distribute the offering outside the rhythm of my business.
  7. What helps sell the idea internally is a narrative about how other sponsors succeed.  Sadly, the prospectus is all about your association.
  8. Destination and hotel promotion seems to be what you care about most (after all, it’s on the cover of the event promotion).  Tell me more about the content.
  9. I want access to industry VIPs.  Tell me who you can introduce me too or set up a meeting with.
  10. Platinum, gold and silver translates to little value –  plus, and “I’ve thrown all the crap I can into a sponsor package and hope you will buy it for a premium.”


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