Implementation of Consulting Projects – Association Field Report (November 12, 2021)



Hello everybody, it’s JP Moery, an Observation from the Field today. I reflected on some of our consulting projects over the last year, and I want to give you some advice on how to implement those kinds of programs.  I’ve learned a lot from my colleague, Joe Bates.  He’s done a great job on consulting projects and how we implement them.  The goal is to have happy customers at the end of the game. These are the steps we follow.
One: We take the scope and develop an agenda and a launch meeting with the client/points of contact.
Two: We develop a timeline after that launch meeting. We talk about all the benchmarks that we’re going to have, when we’re going to deliver them, and what information we need from the client to implement.
Three: We conduct biweekly meetings.  It’s a 30-minute conference call where we discuss where we are in the project, what we’re learning, and couple gaps or information that we need from them.
Four: I also like to send a Friday written update.  What I’ve found over time is that projects go off the rails if you’re not communicating on a regular basis.
Five: Be clear about the final deliverables and final presentation.  If you’re not clear about when you’re going to deliver the results, and when the end of the project is, you can leak into multiple presentations and do more work.  That costs you time and money.  If they want more of that work, it’s fine. You’re just going to need to charge them for additional presentations to other shareholder groups, boards of directors, or staff members.
I hope these items are helpful for you, and these observations work when you do your own work. Best wishes. Bye-bye.
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