Insights That Are Helpful In Succeeding Within the Business World




My colleagues shared some of the best business advice they have ever received. Below are some insights that have proved helpful throughout their careers. 

Organization: Always be proactive. This enables you to be in control of your own schedule.  

Sales: Learn to listen. Many times, people just give their pitch before asking the client what he/she needs. By listening to your client, you’re able to identify their needs and meet their expectations. Smile when you’re talking to a client on the phone. This will give you a more positive and relational tone.

 If there is a tough situation pick-up the phone and deal with it head on and early. Using the phone opposed to email is clearer and more decisive. Remember it’s always about the customers and clients. What can we do for them?  

Follow-up: It’s progress over production. Make sure you go in the direction that your client needs. And always write handwritten thank you notes. This will make you stand out and it means something to the client.  


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