Inspired by Valentine’s Day, Don’t forget to K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple, Stupid)



In my experience, the best method for sales and sales communication is just to keep it simple.  All too often I see overly complicated proposals, sales communications and especially marketing emails that are over the top, over-explained and overdone. These end up hindering the sales objective.  While Valentine’s Day was last week, I’m asking all my sales colleague, just to KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid.
Proposals – Where do people jump first when reading a proposal?  They flip to the last page and look at the price.  A detailed email or one-page word document can absolutely suffice.  If the prospect has been walked through the sales process, a proposal is not needed.  In my opinion, these are for people who want a document to do the selling for them.
Marketing Emails – Be sure you’re focusing on one topic or point.  I’ve worked with clients who want us to cram multiple topics into one email.  These are hardly ever read fully nor do they have a strong response rate (which is the goal of the email, correct?).  Even better, clearly define the proposition.  “If you sponsor x, you’ll meet A, B & C companies.”  Or “Members gain value from attending our conferences by meeting key regulators in the industry.”
Sales Communications – As a salesperson, it’s amazing how many emails you receive from other people trying to sell YOU something – and just how wrong they get it.  When the first email I receive from a salesperson is obscenely long and trying to sell me their services, I do not reply.  When I send my first communication to a prospect, I like to keep it short and the proposition clear.  “I understand your company does __________.  I work with several companies similar to yours that gain value through meeting our members during face-to-face meetings.”  Then ask, “Let’s schedule a call to see if it’s a fit.”
By streamlining your various communications and sales tools, and keeping the wording concise and to the point, you’ll see an increase in engagement and effectiveness.
Elizabeth Johnson is a Vice President at The Moery Company. For additional content by Elizabeth, check out Chasing the Chickens of Membership. Follow her on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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